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Recognition of 3C Certification when Buying Shower Glass
time:2018-08-01    Browse number:1010

In fact, in recent years, there have been many reports in the media about injuries caused by the explosion of the shower glass. Among them, the situation caused by the poor quality of glass accounts for a large proportion of the situation. For this reason, the country has already issued relevant regulations as early as a few years ago. Shower glass should be tempered glass, and it should be a safe tempered glass certified by the State 3C. Therefore, there are suggestions in the industry that when consumers buy, they must pay attention to the following details:
Yangpeifu, head of the concise bathroom, said: "When purchasing a shower room, you must see whether the tempered glass is affixed with a built-in 3C logo-there will be the logo at both ends of the regular tempered glass and the same serial number will be displayed; In the process of use, it is also necessary to regularly inspect and find out that the situation must be repaired in a timely manner; In addition, a layer of anti-explosion film on the glass is also essential-in case of self-explosion, the glass fragments will also be glued together by the anti-explosion film and will not splash everywhere. "
Yangpeifu advised the public not to suddenly turn the hot water temperature high when bathing in the autumn and winter seasons. Yangpeifu said: "The interior of the glass shower room is a nearly closed space. High temperature and high pressure will form pressure on the tempered glass to a certain extent, and the diffusion of water vapor will also cause the glass to be unequally heated. The tempered glass belonging to the qualified product is likely to explode in this case. The probability of self-explosion of non-conforming products is greater. "
In addition, the industry also reminds consumers, shower room hardware is equally important. When consumers choose products, they can not ignore all kinds of small objects including pulleys, rubber strips, and aluminum alloys. If these accessories fail, the service life of the entire shower room will be greatly reduced. It may also cause serious problems such as glass explosion.

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