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Shower bath industry consumption concept and consumer groups "quietly changed"
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The shower room has gone through more than ten years in China. It has gone through several stages, such as appearance innovation, material innovation, brand innovation, and so on. The shower room industry has gradually entered the mature period. The product function and performance demand has been gradually highlighted. Where will the future China shower room industry go? How it's development trend?

The most important factor that consumers consider when choosing shower rooms is safety and cleanliness. Safety is the basic guarantee of people, this is all the shower room products must be done, and in the process of the shower room, it brings people experience is also very important, who do not want to wash the shower room, like washing clothes every day, so the easy cleaning performance, non contamination, anti yellowing performance of shower room is also critical. Yes.

And the safety of glass is every shower room enterprise, every shower room products must be done. This is the basic guarantee for the consumer's personal safety. At present, the mainstream shower room is made of toughened glass, the anti impact ability of the tempered glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, but the tempered glass is in the possibility of self explosion, although the proportion of self explosion is 1/10 00, but for a single consumer, if there is a self explosion, that is one hundred percent, so we can see that the safety of glass is also the consumer's personal security needs.

From this, we can see, the future of the shower room consumer market will return to the essence - Safety and ease of cleaning will become the core standard and consumption trend for consumers to choose showers, who can be safe and easy to clean the shower products, who are the standards and leading sheep of the industry. The birth of a large number of small showers in the industry, the maturity of the market and the specialization of consumers have brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the shower room. Many showers have realized that consumer specialization will inevitably lead to higher safety requirements for showers. New technologies and technologies are introduced, including the introduction of new technology and technology.  The inclusion glass technology is introduced (the sandwich glass has been widely used in windows, ships, bank glass and other fields), and the sandwich glass shower room is introduced. Although the sandwich glass shower room has guaranteed the safety, the shower room glass is easy to stain, difficult to clean, and the glass is easy to change yellow and so on.

In order to meet the consumer's core requirements for the safety and easy cleaning of the shower room glass, the three in one shower room glass combines the advantages of three kinds of clean glass, sandwich glass and toughened glass in the market, and makes up for each other's defects. It is the safest and easiest shower room at present, which can ensure the safety of the consumer and can be promoted.  Consumers are comfortable and comfortable in the use of shower rooms.

The development trend of the shower room industry

(1) people are changing the consumption concept and consumer groups of shower products.

The shower room product has been transformed into a practical demand from the past luxury bathroom products (massage cylinder, steam room). Consumers in the use process requires fast, water saving, time saving and space saving. So in recent years, shower real estate products have become popular, entering more and more families, whether luxury suites, five-star hotels or ordinary suites, civilian families.  Shower products are increasing at an average rate of 20%~25%. This gives our shower room market a lot of space. According to statistics, the bathrooms in the existing real estate projects and the newly built star rated hotels account for more than 80% of the shower products.

(two) new growth points in the vast rural and second line cities

With the process of urbanization in rural areas, more and more farmers will become urban residents. The suitable shower room will become an important choice for them. Their spending power will gradually show that improving the living environment and improving the quality of life is becoming an urgent need for urban residents. Therefore, the shower room manufacturers may wish to target the market in the second tier cities and the vast rural areas, where there is great potential.

(three) strengthen product matching and provide high quality service

Customers' consumption concept is changing to the "one-stop" bathroom matching. Therefore, if we still rely on the shower room single product as before, it is impossible to be good at oneself, and can not have a long-term foothold. The manufacturers can communicate with each other and join hands. Manufacturers must strengthen the depth and lateral matching, and use one-stop services to attract customers.

(four) product research and development

1. high-end products R & D. For high-end customers, develop high-end products to meet high-end demand.

2. Designing and providing marketable and simple products for rural and ordinary households to meet the needs of ordinary families and affordable housing.

3. Non-standard flexible, shower room to be able to adapt to a wide range of households, almost all the shower room in China, including project orders are non-standard.

(five) the shower house is in line with the national industrial policy

The showers are the necessities of people's life. The advantages of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection are in line with the trend and become the necessities for people's daily life. At the same time, it is in line with the state's industrial policy and should be vigorously developed to meet market demand.

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