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Simplicity shower room: in the decoration, you encounter the one thing you regret the most?
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Social media sites have asked the question: What is the one thing you regret most about decorating? As a result, netizens gathered to discuss. Among them, some netizens said that they wanted to learn about the luxury life of foreigners in European and American movies before decorating the bathtub. They felt very much looking forward to it, and then they were depressed after the installation. First, my bathroom was originally quite large, but after the installation of the bathtub feel the space immediately half small, the bathtub occupies a place, usually not careful to enter and leave the bathroom will inevitably stumble. Second, waste water, a daily bath must put enough large tanks, a month down that water rate is much painful. Just because this bathtub is not usually used, this money is equivalent to a waste of money. However, the above is not a big deal. The third point is to die. Every time you get up and go out, you will take the water out. No matter how careful you are, it is difficult to avoid. One night down the toilet, the room is also wet, get every night to do sanitation, after the bath must be tired out of a sweat, really rotten. .. .. .. .. .. And ... So in the bathroom decoration, we choose shower room or bath is good?
Bath VS Shower Room
To understand the current size of the regular bathtub, take a look at the bathtub and shower room, for the small size of the respective advantages and disadvantages.
1, use aspect
In terms of use, it should be a shower room more convenient. The shower room is a separate space. When you close the shower door, you can bathe in it at will. No matter the size of the water, it will not affect the outside world and it will be relatively closed. However, the bathtub usually needs to be rinsed in the cylinder before use. If it is using a shower curtain, it also needs to pull the shower curtain.
2, dry and wet separation
In the dry and wet separation, the advantage of the shower room is relatively obvious, because the closed space and water bar in the lower layer can well block the overflow of the water flow, but unless the bathtub is also equipped with a glass door on the bathtub, it will generally use a shower curtain. The shower curtain can not well block the water. Spatter is inevitable.
3, comfort
Many people like it in the bath. This advantage is best reflected in the bathtub. When you have worked hard all day, you can soak in a comfortable hot bath and add essential oil or petals to protect your skin. It is beautiful. The shower room can only stand in the shower, for the waist leg is not good or elderly people, standing for a long time will be a little tired.
4, cleanliness
The bathtub is open, so it needs to be cleaned before bathing, especially in the bath, or it is irresponsible for its own health. The shower room only needs a simple rinse to achieve a clean effect.
5, security aspects
For elderly children, if you use the bathtub alone, you need to pay attention to safety, because the inside wall of the bathtub is slippery and easy to slip. The shower room is generally a floor brick, you can wear slippers into, or a non-slip pad to avoid slipping. At the same time, the effect of dry and wet separation of the shower room is better, so when entering and leaving the bathroom at ordinary times, it is not afraid to prevent the fall.
How to Choose a Shower Room
There are many shower room brands on the market. When you enter the building materials market, you can say that you are dazed. We can search online, enter the cat to see the comments of netizens, as well as some friends and relatives of the introduction and other methods. Such as simple shower room, a dedicated shower room for more than 10 years of the brand, both services and products have been recognized by the community.
Founded in 2005 for simplicity, in the pursuit of 14 years of tireless pursuit, the concise shower room has become synonymous with "Star standard" and "consumer favorite." And received praise after retail sales.
If a brand wants to win people's hearts, it needs high-quality products that continue to innovate. It is also inseparable from the high level of service quality, especially the bathroom industry that pays attention to experience. Its purchase experience and after-sales service directly affect consumers 'love for the brand.

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